It took me a long time to start with what kind of music I wanted to portray for my gig poster. We always listen to a lot of hip hop music, so I decided to base it off of that.

I knew I wanted to do a two part idea/ split canvas style. I tired with two different faces, two different heads/siamese thing, and more.

At first I wanted to do something to give the feeling of the heavy beats with the lyrical tone (that is all the swirls and dots in the bottom right hand side of my sketches); however, as I began drafting I did not like how I was portraying it.


Here I wanted multiple elements that show the different sides of hip hop. I wanted the warm/encouraging side versus the cold/criminal (in a sense) side.

After several critiques I decided to get ride of the guy with the boom because that was not happening. And I added a home down in the corner.

I tried to add music notes, but it was WAY to bust so I tossed that out the window.

I tones things down and fixed the fist going up. I also made a hand hold the gun. I took away a lot of the elements and simplified it.

I tried to make the face more conflicted and it just looked weird to me so I got rid of it.