Landscape Perspective

I was in Utah this weekend where I decided to go to Cotton Canyon and take photos. It was difficult, because it was extremely foggy. Anyways, I got to the top of where I wanted take photos and realized I forgot my intended object, so we used the ring.

Anyways, I put my photos in black and white, because the colors were so blah. I could not get any vibrance from the hues.

I opened my image into Photoshop then added the texture in another layer. I then created a mask and brush tool to fade away the texture.

Charity Water Website

Charity Water is a real charity. The nonprofit organization is no way associated with my creation of the one-page website.

The website was project given for one of my classes. The video covers much of my website and why I selected what I did. You can learn about what I wanted to communicate and how that was brought through.

All the text was written by me. The images that were not already in black and white were edited in Photoshop. The corners that are cut off were done in Adobe Illustrator.

Watch the video to learn more:

<iframe width=1280 height=900 frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src=”//″ allowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>

Texan Christmas Stickers

I started of wanting to go back to my original icon design where I wanted to do something with Texas. I decided to add a spin to it and make it into a Texas/Western Christmas Stickers


I had a variety of Texas idea.  I originally did a wreath of cactuses, a boot stocking, and a cowboy hat. I was not really pleased with the boot and the hat.

So I went back to the drawing board.

I decided to keep the wreath, and add an armadillo with a reindeer inspiration with a Rudolf nose and sleigh bells. The last one I added was a cowboy Santa. I put a cowboy hat on him and added the holly.

I needed to work on the bow and played around for a little bit. I added some shadow but I did not like how it turned out. So I kept woking with it until I got the final.


I think it all came together in the end with different elements of Texas and Christmas combined together,

“A House Divided” Gig Poster

It took me a long time to start with what kind of music I wanted to portray for my gig poster. We always listen to a lot of hip hop music, so I decided to base it off of that.

I knew I wanted to do a two part idea/ split canvas style. I tired with two different faces, two different heads/siamese thing, and more.

At first I wanted to do something to give the feeling of the heavy beats with the lyrical tone (that is all the swirls and dots in the bottom right hand side of my sketches); however, as I began drafting I did not like how I was portraying it.


Here I wanted multiple elements that show the different sides of hip hop. I wanted the warm/encouraging side versus the cold/criminal (in a sense) side.

After several critiques I decided to get ride of the guy with the boom because that was not happening. And I added a home down in the corner.

I tried to add music notes, but it was WAY to bust so I tossed that out the window.

I tones things down and fixed the fist going up. I also made a hand hold the gun. I took away a lot of the elements and simplified it.

I tried to make the face more conflicted and it just looked weird to me so I got rid of it.

Friends Shirt

I wanted to make a t-shirt with a Friends quote and relatable image.


I started by writing down some of my favorite quotes from friends. From there I added some images.

I settled on Rachel’s trifle.


I tried a lot of things with the trifle but none of them were pleasing me. They were all just bad. As you can see it was a lot of trial and error.

I decided that I was making this too complicated and trying to get the text to work. I redesigned my trifle dish, added a highlight, and shrunk down my whip cream.



I created  watch by blending different types of watches. I started off by using one of my watches to inspire me.


I sketched various hands mainly. I looked at many references deciding if I wanted to keep the original hands on the watch. I focused a lot on the chain and thought how to make it realistic.


I struggled with many elements that you can see on my rough draft. I could not get the face of the watch to blend and I could not make the chain realistic. I also needed to make the colors more realistic by brightening up the gold and dimming the blue.

I got some new inspiration and started incorporating that into my design. I decided to keep the blue and gold color.


I combined several ideas from the two watches together to make my watch. The ticks, gold color, lighting, and dial are from the first watch. The band and hands are from the second watch.

Dallas Zoo Logo

  1. Description: A logo for the Dallas Zoo
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started sketching some ideas in my notebook to get my brain going. I came up with a few designs and submitted them for the draft. I realized that the color green gives people more of a zoo theme. I went back into InDesign and tried to simplify my design. I decided I wanted it to all connect together to keep it simple. I drew in my notebook until I figured out what to do and then created it in InDesign.
  3. Message: Come to the Dallas Zoo for a good and simple time.
  4. Audience: The simple design invites all people to come see that animals. The bright colors invite the children and youth; however, the fun yet simple design invites the parents or grandparents to have an enjoyable time.
  5. Top Thing Learned: Keeping it simple is one of the hardest things to do. I also learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, at first it was difficult but it is easy to grasp.
  6. Color Scheme and Color Names: Monochromatic– Green
  7. Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Alegreya Sans SC Thin– Sans Serif

Created: Spring 2016 at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Communications 130 course. This is not sponsored by the company or organization.

Cookie Photodesign

  1. Description: Shoot and edit a photo and incorporate it into a design.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I did not know where to start but I knew I wanted to do something with cookies. Originally I took the shoot of making cookies but I did not like the way the photos turned out. I then went to my aunt’s house and took photos of my little cousin eating the cookies. I found a few cookie quotes I really liked and finally settled on “In the cookie of life friends are the chocolate chips”. I uploaded the image into Photoshop and I could not think of how to start. I thought to push myself and decided to cut out part of the image. I left out some of the bricks and drew in some green ones to make his eyes pop. From there I inserted the text and kept moving it around.
  3. Message: I think friends and cookies are two of the greatest things in life. Who does not like cookies and friends? We should be able to enjoy both.
  4. Audience: I wanted it to be friendly to all. I wanted everyone to be able to relate to it.
  5. Top Thing Learned: Sometimes really pushing yourself to step out of the box is not as far as you think.
  6. Color scheme and color names: Split Complementary: Brick, Green, and Blue
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Boston Traffic Regular- Decorative; Calibri Regular- Sans Serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Calibri Regular- Sans Serif
  9. Thumbnail of original, unedited image:             

Created: Spring 2016 at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Communications 130 course. This is not sponsored by the company or organization.

Graduate Conference Flier

  1. Description: A flier for a Graduate Leadership Conference in black and white.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I first created 4 sketches and then choose the best one. I used that design and created in InDesign. I received critiques and feedback, and I altered it for the better. I emphasized the word “Leadership”, and added more hexagons. I decreased the size of the photo and moved the logo and website to the left corner.
  3. Message: I wanted my flier to have a fun modern edge with the hexagons; however, I wanted it to look professional and structured which is why I used hexagons.
  4. Audience: Young adults that have recently graduated with a business degree.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned the importance of flow.
  6. Title Font Name & Category:Microsoft Tai Le- Sans Serif; Microsoft Tai Le- Sans Serif
  7. Copy Font Name & Category:Microsoft Tai Le- Sans Serif
  8. Links to images used in this project

Created: Winter 2016 at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Communications 125 course. This is not sponsored by the company or organization.

Make Waves Flier

I wanted the title of the event to somehow incorporate in the flier, so I decided to literally make it wave. I picked an event with water activities to tie in the water-centered charity. I think the wave makes a water feel for both the activity and the charity; additionally, the bright colors really catch your eye and forces you to read it. The color scheme is complementary with a tint of teal and a shade of brick.

Critique Report: I received lots of feedback which really helped me. At first I had my body text very close to the right edge and lot people commented, including Morgan Hartman and Dee Wightman, to move it off a bit. Rebecca Jone commented on proportioning and rearranging some items. I then looked back and came us with the “wave” for the top of the page. Alex Macfarlane suggested I move my title off of the line it was sitting on– this is when I made it vertical. I fixed “her” up, and went back to the Facebook group for more critiques. Connie Chatelain suggested I make my title light teal to match the background of the photo. Lastly, Shelley Tiffany commented  to add the logo and fix my text. I’m so grateful for all the critiques– I couldn’t have done it without them.

Links to Image Source:

Font Name: title- Snickles copy-Arial (Body)

Created: Winter 2016 at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Communications 125 course. This is not sponsored by the company or organization.

Contigo Infographic


Company- Contigo

Objective- Promote Contigo’s Class Water Bottle- Purity.

Strategy- Create an infographic comparing disposable plastic water bottles versus reusable glass water bottles

The idea came to me from my sister who just got home from her mission in Taiwan. Over there the doctors told her to stop drinking out of plastic water bottles because they are unhealthy for you. Earlier, I was researching for a new water bottle and came across glass bottles. The idea began!

I looked at lots of examples before starting. I went with the colors blue and green to convey the water/recycle/health vibe. Overall, I think the colors are very calming yet eye catching. I used image that help convey the facts. For example, water bottles for showing a percentage, and a bar code for “buy” at the bottom. Anyways, I did two sides– one is plastic facts and the other glass– then it joins together at the bottom like how it starts.

Critique: Sharon Coleman critiqued my work. She pointed out that I used “then instead of “than”– which I am so grateful for because that’s just embarrassing! Additionally, she told me to beef up my title: Glass vs Plastic. I agreed and matched the font to the rest of the text and darkened the background.

Message: Reusable glass water bottles are better for you then plastic disposable water bottles.

Audience: Overall its for Americans, because we waste so much plastic. Yet, with the “Greenie” facts and colors I think it aims towards those concerned for their health and the environment.

The infographic was created in Piktochart (See second photo above). All fonts and images/clip art are from Piktochart. Font: League Gothic- Sans Serif

Created: Winter 2016

This is Michala Wawro

image of michala

I am a graphic designer, photographer, and web designer. I am a Junior at Brigham Young University Idaho majoring in Visual Communications.

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