Company- Contigo

Objective- Promote Contigo’s Class Water Bottle- Purity.

Strategy- Create an infographic comparing disposable plastic water bottles versus reusable glass water bottles

The idea came to me from my sister who just got home from her mission in Taiwan. Over there the doctors told her to stop drinking out of plastic water bottles because they are unhealthy for you. Earlier, I was researching for a new water bottle and came across glass bottles. The idea began!

I looked at lots of examples before starting. I went with the colors blue and green to convey the water/recycle/health vibe. Overall, I think the colors are very calming yet eye catching. I used image that help convey the facts. For example, water bottles for showing a percentage, and a bar code for “buy” at the bottom. Anyways, I did two sides– one is plastic facts and the other glass– then it joins together at the bottom like how it starts.

Critique: Sharon Coleman critiqued my work. She pointed out that I used “then instead of “than”– which I am so grateful for because that’s just embarrassing! Additionally, she told me to beef up my title: Glass vs Plastic. I agreed and matched the font to the rest of the text and darkened the background.

Message: Reusable glass water bottles are better for you then plastic disposable water bottles.

Audience: Overall its for Americans, because we waste so much plastic. Yet, with the “Greenie” facts and colors I think it aims towards those concerned for their health and the environment.

The infographic was created in Piktochart (See second photo above). All fonts and images/clip art are from Piktochart. Font: League Gothic- Sans Serif

Created: Winter 2016