These are a few of images from this week. I think it took me longer to stack those crayons than take the photos. It was fun and exciting, I’m glad to see how it all turned out.

Luckily, “Jenga Crayons” did not take much editing, the vibrant colors spoke for themselves creating a colorful focal point. There are some light spots; however, I liked how they looked and kept them.

“Wisk” was fun and dramatic for the kitchen, however,I like that it looks like a ball. I like that you cannot tell what it is for a moment. It makes you think.

I took these all around my apartment and apartment building. It hard to get a great deep depth of field because I had to leave my shutter open longer. In Lightroom, I was able to bring out the building in “Rexburg at Sunset”, which gave this beautiful texture and a nice contrast from the soft sunset.

“Too Many Blue Crayons” was a different approach. I do not know why but I really enjoy lighting with alot of contrast. This one was fun, because you can see how the crayons stay in focus despite their distance. I also enjoy the contrast of yellow-orange and blue with this photo. That is the main reason why I chose the blue crayons instead of green or red.


“Jenga Crayons” – Jan 29 @ 1PM in my livingroom – 35mm – F/2.8 – 1/100  – Nikon D3000 with portait lense

“Wisk” – Jan 29 @ 12:30PM in kitchen – 35mm – F/2.5 – 1/50  – Nikon D3000 with portait lense

“Rexburg at Sunset” – Jan 29 @ 5:45PM on the balcony – 18mm – F16 – 1/6  – Nikon D3000 with wide angle lense

“Too Many Blue Crayons” – Jan 30 @ 3PM in my apartment – 34mm – F/22 – 1 sec  – Nikon D3000 with wide angle lense